About Us



Alter Bridge The Netherlands & Belgium is founded by Jeroen (Belgian) and Jacqueline (Dutch), back in september 2012, because there was no real fanbase for both of their countries for their favorite band: Alter Bridge. Because a lot of countries had their fan page on Facebook and/or Twitter, they decided to start one fanbase for NL and BE together.
After some time and brand awareness of the fanbase, Roel and Olivier came along and started to help to spread the word.

Right now, we are active on Facebook and Twitter. And we connect more than 2000 Alter Bridge fans, national and international.

Literally by fans, for fans!

The team

Jeroen (BE): founder, Facebook, Twitter and website admin
Jacqueline (NL): founder, Facebook admin
Roel (NL): Facebook admin
Olivier (BE): Facebook admin


All pictures used on this entire website by Cristel Brouwer – Lluky Gallery. Unless otherwise specified.
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